Walk into the brilliance of uplighting.

With wedding uplighting, you can create an effect that bathes your wedding in dazzling light. This element is exactly what it sounds like. Specialty lights are mounted on the floor and directed upward to dramatically impact the entire look of a venue. Beams of light will shine vertically toward the ceiling. Turn your reception into more than just a party — make sure your guests are wowed by your attention to detail and the overall ambiance of the room.

Wedding Uplighting allows you to create the perfect combination of elegance and excitement. Highlight any area of your reception venue to transform the space into the celebration of your dreams. Uplighting is the perfect way to turn bare walls into appealing structures that make a statement and reflect the magic of the moment.

We use LED speciality lights because they are more sustainable and friendlier to the environment. We create seamless integration with the layout and design of the room. The splashes of light can be fixed with a single color or programmed to change throughout the duration of the wedding and reception. Start with something soft and romantic for the ceremony and dinner then up the intensity when it’s time to hit the dance floor. Choose colors that complement your wedding theme.

We provide wedding uplighting for weddings and receptions of all sizes. It’s important to provide enough light to cover the entire space. You’ll collaborate with our lighting designers and wedding experts to make sure that every detail is covered for your special day.