Capitalize on the moment. Host a conference that boosts your bottom line.

Hosting a successful conference is a multidisciplinary venture. It requires the coordination between the right components, including AV equipment and staging. Depending on the type of conference you’re hosting, you may need any combination of wireless or wired microphones, mixers, TVs, and long throw or short throw projectors. You may also even need front or rear projection. The way you schedule your conference will help determine the solutions that you’ll need.

You’ve booked the leading professionals in your industry to speak at your conference. You’ve also prepared presentations that align with the overall goals of the event. For both, we offer scalable trussing, LED event lighting, and portable staging to fully gear your conference with top-of-the-line accessories. If this is an annual event and you know just what it takes to be successful, simply tell us what you need and we’ll assemble your preferred conference kit.

Many people travel from around the country to attend conferences. You want to greet them with the type of professional production that reflects the value of their investment. For businesses that are based in another city but have chosen the Baltimore area to host a conference, we’ll act as your local liaison. Our coordinators know the area well. Therefore, in addition to our comprehensive collection of rental equipment, we are also poised to recommend venues and other vendors you may need to make your conference a success.