Create the illusion to realize the vision.

Special effects can wow the crowd and intrigue your audience. If you’ve imagined a specific scene, we can help you set it. Our live special effects equipment includes hazers, fog machines, snow machines, and more.

There’s no need to put any limits on your imagination. Describe your ideal stage show or celebration to our team. Even if you’re not sure of how to make it happen, we’ll assemble the right equipment and rentals to bring your unique vision to life. We’ll help you make it a brilliant event when we collaborate and design all the essential effects.

Take your event to the next level with dry ice, foam machines, and UV/glow effects. Enter into a completely different world with all that we have to offer. Plus, if you’re producing a film project, these special effects will also be excellent for your music video or short film. And as technology continues to progress, we’ll always keep our inventory updated with the latest and best equipment.