A simple way to create an elaborate look.
Transform any space into the ideal location with our pipe and drape services.

Cover unappealing walls and bring a softness into the venue with the flowing elegance of pipe and draping. Use any color to complement the theme of the occasion. It’s one of the most versatile ways to achieve exactly what you’re looking for. Use a simple design by purely hanging the drapes. You could also produce a more extravagant arrangement with layers of fabric, layers of different colors, ruching, criss crossing, or other creative looks.

Speaking of versatility, pipe and draping isn’t just for decoration. You could also use it in a more functional way. Don’t lose any visual appeal while you separate certain areas of the room, depending on how you plan to use it. It could also serve as a beautiful backdrop for photos. In corporate applications, use pipe and draping to divide your trade show booth from surrounding exhibitors.

Take the look of your pipe and drape design to the next level with lighting. Use uplighting or even wash lighting to turn walls into focal points. Make the room pop and shine with color by allowing the light to completely cover the pipe and draping in a brilliant glow. It’s also the perfect addition to outdoor events, surrounding tents or as a stand-alone backdrop.

If pipe and drape rental is just the thing that will help elevate the look of your event, we have just the right materials that will make it happen. Describe the theme, tone, or colors of your event and we’ll recommend some options that will bring it all together. Let us set it up so that you can walk into a completely transformed space.