Take the night into dawn. 
Keep your night club brimming with energy.

We’ll be your top source for full night club rentals and installation. We’re prepared to provide everything you’ll need to equip your club. From vivid lighting to the highest quality sound systems, our equipment and expertise will transform your venue from a space to an experience.

The quality of the sound and the intensity of the atmosphere can make or break a night club experience. Having the right combination of elements will ensure that your patrons will have a great time and look forward to coming back next week.

We’ll pay special and individual attention to every segment of your club. Our lighting engineers will design the perfect look for your bar area and dance floor, respectively. Furthermore, intelligent lighting with moving heads and scanners will add just the right type of vibe. For sound, we offer subwoofer systems, monitors, mixers, and everything else your DJ will need to keep the party going.

Let’s talk about the versatility of your night club. We’re also fully equipped to design your truss and stage with special effects, LCD projectors, and more. You’ll be more than ready for your next big performance. Plus, let’s bring on the fog machine and strobe lights to raise the excitement to the next level. Our team will come in and expertly install everything you need regardless of the size of the venue.